Using Your Exercise Ball

The exercise or stability ball is a popular way to workout both at home or by taking a class. An exercise ball may not look as though it can provide a great workout but even some strong men have been surprised at just how effective push ups and sit ups are when done in this manner.

A large stability ball makes for a great seat at your computer. It helps with your posture and balance but takes a little getting used to! With so many people today suffering from computer related injuries using a ball as your seat might be a good solution to avoiding hand, arm, neck and back issues.

The first exercise balls were developed in 1963 by an Italian plastic manufacturer, Aquilino Casani under the name Swiss Ball. These balls become known as Pezzi balls and were used in treatments for newborn babies. They were then used for adults with medical and orthopedic problems. Physical therapists began using the balls and their popularity increased.
There are many different ways to use an exercise ball. They are great for strengthening your core. As you perform the exercise you must also balance the ball and this makes you use more muscle groups. Your core muscles are required for providing you with stability and good posture.

When you first start using your exercise ball no doubt you will find it harder than you thought! There are a few safety precautions that you want to take into consideration as well.

Your first step is to choose the right size ball for you. The general rule of thumb is that when sitting on the ball your thighs should be parallel to the floor. You can achieve this by inflating it to the correct size as well. When purchasing your exercise ball most will have height and weight recommendations on the packaging.

Next you need to choose a good workout area. Even though the exercise ball is relatively small it will move and so you need a large enough area to allow for this.

Think about the clothing that you will wear as well. As your body will move around more you want to wear exercise clothing that moves with you. There is nothing worse than having scrunched up clothing and feeling as though your clothes have pinned you down!

When performing your exercise it is recommended to wear shoes as your feet will sweat and this can make your socks or your bare feet slippery.

You are ready now to go have fun with your new exercise ball. Most balls come with a workout sheet. If not you can easily find exercise ball exercises by doing a quick search online. Have fun getting fit!